A. Implementing Outcomes Based Education (OBE) for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs)

We assist Higher Educational Institutions to comply with the new mandate of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) for all academic programs to be delivered using the OBE system approach. The services shall cover any or all of the following: OBE framework design or review, Curriculum Map design or review, Articulation of Specific Program Outcomes by Performance Indicators, OBE and Outcomes Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) Design and Training for HEI administrators and faculty staff, Selection of Program Assessment and Evaluation Methods and Design, Continuous Quality Improvement Design and Implementation.

B. Strategic Planning for HEIs

We enable HEIs to review its typology, revise as needed its mission and vision, identify its core competencies and program offerings in the long term, and define its directional areas and key performance indicators with supporting assessment and evaluation system for continuous quality improvement.

C. Preparing HEIs for Global/ National Quality Certification and Academic Program Accreditation

We help HEIs in aligning current quality practices to meet ISO 9001:2015, QS, or PQA standards, and Washington Accord and other international or FAAP/ CHED’s COE/COD standards for the voluntary accreditation of its academic programs. This shall normally involve the design and measurement of performance indicators consistent with the requirements of global and CHED certification bodies.

D. E-Learning Services:    We offer the following:

  1. Hybrid Online STEM Students Mentoring
  2. Hybrid Online Training on Effective STEM Teaching and Learning for Faculty Staff
  3. Hybrid Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses for LET Professionals
  4. Short Online Multiple-Choice Mastery Course for Licensure/Certification Examinees
  5. Conversion of Traditional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses to Hybrid Online Courses
  6. Cost Effective e-Learning Management System Design and Deployment for Schools